Hyogensha Japanese Congratulations Card - Hiragana, Red, 10 g


Seal your finest congratulations in this specially made card.

Celebrate a special anniversary or good fortune with the unique skill and good will tightly packed into this brilliant red thank you card. Made through traditional Japanese washi paper techniques to create its pressed texture and appearance, this sturdy and stylish card has been decorated with paper pulp that has been hand-painted and adorned with the Japanese hiragana for 'Congratulations', to add stunning beauty to the simple display of the phrase. Complete with an inner white sheet of washi paper lightly printed with cherry blossoms, even your personal message can be enjoyed to the most beautiful detail.

Card measures approx. 15cm in length, 10cm in width. Envelope included.

VARU-ID: #15727


When asked to name important aspects of Japanese culture, one aspect that escapes most people's minds is paper. Everybody knows about origami, of course, but Japan's fascination with paper art also includes paper lanterns, paper fans, and a staggering variety of elegant and unique greeting cards. For a thrilling range of Japanese greeting cards and other stationery items, take a look at Japan Centre's Japanese Cards & Stationery section.