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  • 1565 sushi rolling mat

Rullmatta till Sushi, 40 g

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Ett klassiskt och väsentligt redskap till sushi.

Det enda redskapet du behöver för att snabbt och enkelt göra sushirullar. Denna matta är tillverkad av bambu och används till att göra kompakta rullar av maki sushi. Den är 24 x 21 centimeter stor.

VARU-ID: #1565


Maki sushi is a popular type of sushi where fish and vegetables are rolled up with rice in a nori seaweed wrap. A makisu rolling mat is an essential item for your kitchen to get the best sushi rolls.

How To Use

This sushi rolling mat is designed to help you make maki sushi rolls.
• Place the rolling mat on your work surface with a sheet of nori seaweed on top.
• Add rice to 3/4 of the nori, then place your fillings on the rice.
• Using the rolling mat, roll the sushi over until you create a long roll.
• Slice into 6-8 pieces and enjoy.
Read our maki sushi recipe for more ideas.


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Easy to use but I didn't realise I also got one in the other set I bought so will give to a friend