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Japanese Toe Socks - Soaring Clouds Pattern, 30 g, 1 pair Low in Stock (only 3 available)


Toe socks to leave your feet touching the clouds.

Keeping your feet warm doesn't have to stay just practical, when there's culturally cool designs to keep your toes on trend! With a stylish soaring clouds print spanning the length of each sock, these khaki and brown socks will leave you light on your feet, with each toe snugly separated to maximise comfort and freedom. Made from a breathable polyester to keep your feet well ventilated, the separated toes wiggle any stuffy feeling away and leave the socks a simply weightless pleasure to wear, both indoors and outdoors with a variety of shoes. 

Socks measure approx. 25-27cm.  

VARU-ID: #15501


With a rich hosiery culture that developed from traditional split-toe tabi socks, Japan has held a fondness for unique and comfortable footwear. From a wide variety of pastel and character-inspired bedroom socks, to subtly styled knee-highs and the fashionable evolution of aforementioned Japanese tabi, there's lots of fun and exciting ways to keep your feet cosy all day. Take a slip through our curious selection at japancentre.com and find a snug pair for you or a friend.