Inariwraps av Friterad Tofu, Hime, 300 g

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Enkel, delikat, vegetarisk sushi.

Himes inari, som består av friterad tofu, är idealiska när du gör din egen vegetariska sushi och de kan användas på en gång. Dessa friterade 'fickor' av tofu har tillagats genom att fritera tofu smaksatt med sojabaserad, flytande smaksättning. De har en sötsalt smak och en mjuk men samtidigt stabil konsistens. Fyll dem med smaksatt sushiris och servera dem till dina gäster, eller behåll dem för dig själv.

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Tofu in Japan is similar to cheese in the UK or France, in that it is a delicacy that many connoisseurs of Japanese cuisine spend a lot of time consuming and considering. As well as being a delicacy in its own right, tofu is also the main ingredient in other Japanese foods, such as inari age sweet tofu pockets or abura age crispy fried tofu. For a great selection of tofu items, take a look at Japan Centre’s extensive Tofu range.



Per Serving (44g):
• Energy: 100kcal
• Protein: 5g
• Fat: 4.5g
• Carbohydrate: 9g
• Sodium: 350mg



10 recensioner
Great quality, love making Inari sushi, this can is always dependable just fill the pockets with rice and veggies and go.
I use this as a treat for myself, and as a way to introduce friends to Japanese tastes. I usually stuff them with sushi rice and I might also eat them in strips with cold noodles.
My favourite choice for inari pouches
I am familiar with this product as I have used it for many years. I find the taste very good and quality consistent. I keep tins in my cupboard as a treat. The long shelf life makes it ideal. I was disappointed that I was not able to buy the tins in the London shop and that they were only available on line.
Convenient to have in the store cupboard. The fresh inari zushi are very tasty but have a fairly short use by date and I don’t always want to use them immediately. Handy to have a can in in case of unexpected visitors as inari zushi can be quickly prepared
tin was easy to open. and 16 pockets makes it easy to fill and taste pretty good.
Not used yet but good date on item
A little difficult to get out of the tin. But it’s good and the recipe on the tin is easy to do
Tastes like my childhood. There were 16 pieces inside. Would recommend!