Sanshusha Japan Foundation Marugoto Japanese Words and Culture Elementary 2 A2 Rikai Instruction Textbook, 600 g

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Immersive Japanese learning to keep study exciting.

It can be frustratingly difficult learning a language when you're short of interesting exposure to practice and build upon your initial skills, so with Japan Foundation's Marugoto series of textbooks, you'll find all kinds of ways you can instantly interact with the Japanese you learn and love. Based on the elementary A2 level of the JF Standard for Japanese Language Education, this textbook allows you to gain an expressive Rikai ("Understanding") of the various essential Japanese you've learnt so far, covering grammar points and vocabulary that allow you to express opinions and ideas in both casual and polite scenarios. With each chapter covering frequent conversation topics about people and places, there's lots of new and curious content that you can review and easily implement into your personal use of Japanese, with more detailed conjugations, structures and verb forms meaning you can feel more confident with what you are trying to convey. Keeping up with this book series' charming choice of illustrations and photos of authentic Japan, you can really start to enjoy the more complex exercises and develop a Japanese ability that encourages you to have fun exploring with it. Aided by grammar tables, transcripts and answers at the back of the textbook, it combines with online resources and audio files for listening tasks to give you a complete hub to thoroughly review your Japanese, motivating you to naturally practice outside of study and prepare for the next level. 

This is volume 2 of 2 for the Marugoto A2 level Rikai textbooks.

ISBN: 9784384057577

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I'll be using this for my ** Language course later this year.