Rizzoli Electa Kengo Kuma Portland Japanese Garden Book, 1 Kg

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Exploring the international pinnacle of Japanese gardens.

With the draw of natural vibrancy and harmonious scenery, Japanese gardens have witnessed a popularity that has seen their fleeting beauty expand beyond Japan, with this book delving into the latest developments of a phenomenal example of such intricate architecture in Portland Japanese Garden. Introducing a new complex to the well-recognised and expansive landscape in Oregon known as 'The Cultural Village', this book uses this new hub of traditional Japanese culture alongside the garden to explore the connection between nature and Japan and how the art of Japanese gardening continues to express its close ties with history and the modern changes of our global environment, challenging us think about the spaces we create and their impact on others. Explaining important points to the creative thought and architecture that goes into different forms of Japanese gardening , this book recalls the growth of the garden's incredible variety, analysing the design work of creator of 'The Cultural Village' Kengo Kuma among others and how they bond visitors emotionally with the cultural scenery around them. Full of gorgeous high-quality photographs showcasing the full breadth of the garden's stunning complexity alongside other famous gardens in Japan this book is for those that love to discover the potential creativity and elegance within nature.

Written by Professor Botond Bognár and Balázs Bognár

ISBN: 9780847864669

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There are many aspects of modern Japanese culture that have continued to evolve and spread their creative influence to people across Japan and beyond. From the more recent streetwise and pop culture trends to traditional practices that adapt to new innovations and ideas, Japanese gardening is one example of a balanced and intricate pastime that carries poignant meaning, emotion and ingenuity, connecting people with the vibrant and flourishing nature that surrounds them through both historic and current architectural methods. Highlighting the values of natural plants and landscapes over ornamental decorations, Japanese gardening allows people to think about the fleeting beauty of our ever-changing environment and is a culture that many people study and take part in to better philosophise and challenge the world around us. For inspiring books on your own exploration of this rich, thoughtful culture among others, check out our Modern Japanese Culture section at japancentre.com.