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Shinmei Toyama Milky Queen Rice - 5kg, 5 Kg

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For absolutely fluffy rice that melts in the mouth with fine flavour.

When you're looking for a sweet and sticky rice that's ideal for making several of your favourite Japanese dishes, Milky Queen rice sits at the throne of your staple grain needs. Cultivated among the complex network of floodplains at the foot of Toyama prefecture's mountain range, the soil remains rich and high and moisture allowing the regular Koshihikari rice they grow to develop a looser starch that creates this extra glutinous, extra rich crop of rice. Keeping its mouth-watering stickiness even when cooled after cooking, this rice gently shines in a translucent creamy look, giving it the curious Milky Queen name that backs its soft and expanding texture, spreading the sweetness around for the perfect fulfilling mouthful. An ideal rice for bento and onigiri or wonderful as a side dish to some flavoursome cuts of meat and fish, make every meal flourish with this fluffy rice.  

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Rice is the staple grain that has kept Japan going and growing for as long as time can tell. From rice paddies that sit snugly among countryside living, to the endless flow of fast food and bento available in city life, there's rarely a day people in Japan go without enjoyment of rice, up to 70% making it a part of their daily diet. Much like the variety of bread and pasta available in western countries, Japanese rice is unique and varied, with often a sticky and fluffy texture that can subtly carry sweet or even savoury tastes based on which region it is grown, both in Japan and abroad. Using the wisdom of these different qualities, each regional rice becomes ideal for the wide selection of Japanese food and drink, from sake and amazake to onigiri, donburi and of course sushi, so why not check out our wonderful range of recommended Rice at japancentre.com and taste the difference.



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My favourite ** rice. Yes I would recommend it. Excellent quality and description accurate.