Hakoya Plastic Miso Soup Bowl - Dark Brown and Black, Ribbed Effect, 100 g Low in Stock (only 5 available)


 Complete the traditional toasty feeling of serving miso soup.

There's nothing quite like seeing a hot and hearty cup of miso soup at the beginning of each meal, so why not make sure it looks even more welcoming with this handy miso soup bowl. Made from a light and convenient plastic, it has a very authentic Japanese ribbed wood design, with shades of umber brown and a textured surface giving it a homely warmth that lets you truly appreciate each sip with all your senses. A simple yet bold and sturdy piece that's sure to draw attention even with a design that blends in among most dining ware, create miso soup that offers a genuine daily touch of Japan with this bowl. 

Measures 7cm in height, 11.5cm in diameter. Made in Japan.

VARU-ID: #15091


Miso soup is a vital part of Japanese diets and a staple component to most meals in Japan, often served as a side dish even during breakfast. As such, anybody committed to enjoying all components of Japanese cuisine should have a good collection of miso bowls available to put on a great authentic feast. Why not take a look at japancentre.com's Dining section and see our extensive collection?