Ceramic Tea Set - White, Polka Dot Pattern, 300 g, 3 items Low in Stock (only 3 available)


Japanese green tea for two.

Bring the refined experiences of traditional Japanese tea ceremonies to your home with this charming tea set, including two matching polka dot handleless teacups and a side handle polka dot teapot with detachable strainer. This is an excellent gift for any lover of green tea and/or traditional Japanese culture. Made in Japan.

This set contains 3 items:
1x Side Handle Teapot (measures approx. 9cm in height, 15cm in diameter).
2x Teacups (measure approx. 5.5cm in height, 9cm in diameter).

VARU-ID: #14366


Tea is a serious business in Japan, and its presence and relevance in Japanese culture has not dwindled in the 4000+ years tea has been drunk there. If you also think of tea as one of the necessities of life, why not take a look at Japan Centre’s great range of delicious green teas and decorative teaware?