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JapanEasy Cookbook, 1 Kg

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Classic and modern Japanese recipes to cook at home.

Admit it: you love Japanese food. But it's too hard to cook at home, right? WRONG. In JapanEasy, Tim Anderson reveals that many Japanese recipes require no specialist ingredients, and can be whipped up with products found at your local supermarket. JapanEasy is an introduction to Japanese cooking via some of its most accessible yet authentic dishes. Tim starts with some basic sauces and marinades that will easily 'Japanify' any meal, then moves onto best-loved dishes such as gyoza, sushi, yakitori, ramen and tempura. Recipes are clearly explained and rated according to difficulty, making them easy to follow and even easier to get right.

If you are looking for fun, simple, relatively quick yet delicious Japanese dishes that you will make on a regular basis- the search stops here.

Hardback with 221 pages.

ISBN: 9781784881146

VARU-ID: #14078


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I’m a chef so I will use this for my YouTube channel and my Instagram page. Every Friday at 5pm I do a live cooking showcasing amazing *** dishes!