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Maruishokuhin Additive Free Umeboshi Pickled Plums with Honey, 100 g Low in Stock (only 2 available)

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The perfect rice companion.

One of Japan’s most popular pickled treats just got better. Made with no additives, these pickled plums have been seasoned with honey, vinegar and sugar to balance out the rich sour flavour with irresistible sweetness. These are best enjoyed with rice or sake.

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Pickles are an eternally popular Japanese condiment with many varieties to choose from. These packets of pickles are a regular sight in most Japanese refrigerators because of their generous sizing, fantastic flavour, convenience and fresh authenticity. For an extensive range of pickled Japanese food, take a look at Japan Centre's Pickles selection.



Per 100g:
• Energy: 656kJ/160kcal
• Fat: 0.1g
• Carbohydrate: 39.0g
• Protein: 0.7g
• Salt: 2.75g


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