Mini Cat Coin Purse - Blue, Cheeky Sibling Cats Pattern, 30 g Low in Stock (only 1 available)


Hold all your coins in a lovingly crafted, adorable little purse from Kyoto, Japan. In the cutest way, this cotton and polyester purse with a kiss lock clasp will keep your coins and other treasured knick-knacks safe and snug within its silken interior. Decorated with a pair of cheeky sibling cats on alternate sides, this handy accessory makes the perfect gift for lovers of all things cute.

Purse measures approx. 9cm in width, 8.5cm in height, 4.5cm in depth.

VARU-ID: #13551


This purse comes from Kyoto, the city of Japan most well-known for how thoroughly it embraces traditional Japanese culture. As well as religious and spiritual culture in the shape of temples and shrines, Kyoto also is a haven for fans of arts and crafts, with crafty gift items available in every souvenir store. For more elegant Japanese gift ideas, have a look in Japan Centre's Japan Fan section.