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Four-Way Box Grater, 500 g Low in Stock (only 4 available)

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Four-way grater in a box

Look no further for an easy and convenient way to grate your food. This grater offers four different ways to grate your food, with each side having a different cutting shape, such as slicing, cutting into long strips, or simply grating. There is a box inside which will contain the products sliced, so no messy spillages. The item also comes with a holder to hold the item being grated. Perfect for food preparation for last minute guests, events, or even celebrations.

Product contents: 1 body, 1 container, 1 safety holder, 1 handle
Grater measures approx. 8.5cm in depth, 9cm in width, 32cm in height (when assembling the handle)
Handle measures approx. 10cm in width, 6cm in depth, 3cm in height
Container capacity approx. 600ml

VARU-ID: #13003


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2 recensioner
Not used yet but LOVE the product.\nSpace saving also..... So well designed
Bought one...ordered 4 more...that says everything!\nI love it.