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  • 12965 shirataki shuzo jozen mizuno gotoshi sparkling sake

Shirataki Shuzo Jozen Mizuno Gotoshi Sparkling Sake, 400 ml

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The perfect festive drink to liven up any party.

Surprise your party companions with this unique bottle of sparkling sake by Shirataki Shuzo. This carbonated sake is easy to drink with its subtle notes of fruit. Its crisp and refreshing coolness is best enjoyed chilled, straight from the fridge.

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Japanese spritzer drinks such as these are a more mature-tasting variation on lemonades and other sodas. Made from a combination of Japanese shochu, soda water, and fruit flavours (either real fruit juices or fruit juice inspired flavourings), spritzers are particularly refreshing when enjoyed straight from the fridge on hot or warm days. Take a look at japancentre.com's Umeshu & Others section for a great range of spritzers and other fruity Japanese alcoholic beverages.

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• Alcohol Content: 11-12%

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Better sparking sake available for the money