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Etiquette Guide To Japan, 200 g

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Farewell to faux pas.

Save yourself a world of embarrassment with this revised and expanded third edition of Etiquette Guide To Japan guide book. From name cards, bowing, and bathrooms to the latest in mobile phone manner and contemporary workplace etiquette, this updated guide to Japanese cultural expectations will ensure a farewell to faux pas both inside and outside the office. 


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It is a widely held wisdom that learning a little bit of the local lingo when travelling will make the locals like you more and treat you better. For a language like Japanese, which is so different to English and other European languages, this can seem like a daunting task. Thankfully Japan Centre has a great range of textbooks, workbooks, phrase books and other resources available to help with your language learning. Take a look at our Japanese Language Books and Japanese Travel Books for our whole range.