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Kikkoman Sesame Sauce, 1 L

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Creamy, savoury and fragrant.

Bring the uniquely aromatic nuttiness of sesame to your dishes with Kikkoman's sesame sauce. This blend of sunflower oil, egg yolk, fish sauce, spices and, of course, roasted sesame seeds, makes for a thick and full-bodied sauce that can be used as a dip or to dress steamed vegetables, salads, noodles, tofu, and much more.

VARU-ID: #12179


Salad dressings, while one of the lesser-known types of seasoning in Japanese cuisine, are just as full of unique Japanese flavour as an umeboshi pickle or a pinch of dashi. Common flavours of Japanese dressing include shiso (perilla leaf), sesame, and yuzu citrus. Take a look at japancentre.com's Dressings section for a great selection.



Per 100ml:
• Energy: 324kcal
• Protein: 4.4g
• Fat: 23g (Saturated Fat: 2.5g)
• Carbohydrate: 20g (Sugars: 18g)
• Salt: 4.2g


8 recensioner
Just so fresh tasting I use it with salmon and soy sauce
good salad sauce
Suit with any vegetables
This is so delicious. I put it on salads, and noodles (hot and cold), on rice, in sandwiches. On meat, it is so good. Grilled vegetables come alive drizzled with this sauce.\n\nExcellent quality.
Love the roasted sesame dressing. Delicious on salads
salad dressing
Iove it with my salad
We love this sesame seed dressing as do all our friends and relatives who dine with us. It transforms a simple salad. Everyone loves it.