Tjocka Udon, Sanuki Shisei, 300 g

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När vi pratar om 'nudlar' tänker vi genast på 'sanuki'.

Dessa torkade udonnudlar är här för att bevisa att torkat kan smaka lika gott som färskt. Sanukis tjocka udonnudlar, gjorda på vetemjöl och lite salt, får en magnifik volym när de tillagas, samt precis samma tjocka, sega konsistens som alla udon-älskare förväntar sig. Nudlarna tar cirka 10-12 minuter att tillaga och är delikata både varma i en nudelbuljong, eller kalla med en tsuyu-dippsås.

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Udon are among the most widely enjoyed noodles in Japan. Udon are normally much thicker than other Japanese noodles such as soba or ramen, with a distinct chewy texture that makes them particularly ideal for enjoying with denser, thicker sauces. Here at Japan Centre we have a great range of dried, par-boiled, and instant udon items available in our Udon Noodles section.

How To Use

• Add 100g noodles to a pan of 1L boiling water. Adjust the noodles as they soften until they are fully submerged. Let boil for 10-12 minutes, or until they reach your preferred level of softness.
• When finished, strain and rinse with cold water to cool down if serving cold, or strain and add to hot soup if serving hot.
• Serve with assorted sauces and garnishes.



Per 100g:
• Energy: 1398.14kJ/334kcal
• Fat: 1.3g
  (of which Saturates: 0.2g)
• Carbohydrate: 72.1g
  (of which Sugars: 2.5g)
• Protein: 8.5g
• Salt: 4.3g

Ingredients and allergens

Wheat flour, salt


6 recensioner
item as described
Thick chewy noodles that you can enjoy hot or cold.\nGreat value for money
Delicious thick udon with a chewy texture.\nGreat to go with any hot broth or to enjoy them cold with a dipping sauce of your preference.\nUdon lovers try them and see for yourselves.
Thick cut udon with a chewy texture.\nIn hot soups or cold served with a tsuyu dip they are utterly delicious.
It's a good udon, i like a thick noodle
Great quality, slightly chewy texture delicious noodles. I personally enjoy them in a spicy seafood broth.\nTry them and you will find yourself, what is it I am talking about.