Träskål till Sushiris, 600 g Low in Stock (only 2 available)


För de som älskar att göra sushi.

Blanda din sushi på det rätta viset i denna sushi oke i trä. Denna sushi oke har tillverkats i Japan och består av naturträ från gran. Den är perfekt att blanda varmt, nykokt ris med sushivinäger och andra smaksättningar i, så att du kan skapa det sushiris du föredrar. Skålen har kopparfärgade kanter. Den är cirka 29,5 centimeter i diameter och 8,5 centimeter hög. 

VARU-ID: #11269


Sushi oke are used to cool and mix rice with sushi vinegar to make sushi rice, or for adding other ingredients to make mixed rice dishes such as chirashi sushi. The wide, shallow shape allows the rice to cool quickly and be evenly seasoned. For other essential Japanese cooking equipment, take a look at's Cooking Equipment section.

How To Use

Soak your sushi oke in water before using to stop the rice from sticking to the sides.


4 recensioner
Haven’t used it yet but it feels to be if good quality.
This is an excellent, sturdy and well made sushi oke/hangiri and perfect for making the sushi rice. Used it for the first time at the weekend and the rice turned out perfectly seasoned. I’m very happy with my purchase. With a bit of care and looking after, this item will last for years
Is very big and appears good quality, I will be puitting it to go use tonight for Sushi Night.
a very good quality;