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  • 10242 buckwheat tea

Te med Bovete - Löst, Chasandai, 200 g Low in Stock (only 5 available)

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Robust, rostat och koffeinfritt. Denna påse innehåller 150 gram lösa bovetekärnor till bovete-te, även kallat sobacha. Lägg 4-5 teskedar kärnor i 250 milliliter kokhett vatten, låt stå i fem minuter och sila sedan bort dem. Eftersom detta te är koffeinfritt kan man dricka det sent på kvällen, eller under dagen om man är ute efter en mildare dryck.

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Buckwheat tea (or sobacha) is one of Japan's lesser-known teas. Made by infusing either buckwheat kernels or buckwheat leaves, it has a nutty, earthy taste similar to barley tea (or mugicha) but slightly sweeter and more mellow. Buckwheat tea is just one of the interesting and unique varieties of Japanese tea available at Japan Centre. Take a look at our Tea section to see what else is in store.



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2 recensioner
Good quality Buckwheat tea. A nice comforting roasted taste. Rare find.
I drink it as tea. It’s a mild roasted flavour and great to drink in the evening. It doesn’t contain caffeine.