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Established in 1976, Japan Centre is a well-loved destination for Japanese goods. Whilst there have been several manifestations over the years, Japan Centre has always been passionate about delivering a rich variety of quality Japanese goods to shoppers in the UK and beyond, something that will be carried through to our new flagship Japan Centre located on Panton Street.

Dine, shop and explore all things Japan at this exciting new London destination. Opening 13 September, our new flagship store centrally located off Leicester Square, will combine the traditional elements of a ‘depachika’ (the Japanese word for a basement food hall) with a range of unique specialist rooms, all set around our open kitchens and central dine-in courtyard. As you enter off Panton Street, you’ll be welcomed through our traditional Japanese entrance past our yatai stall, down to the depachika where you will be continuously delighted as you explore our truly unique dining and shopping experience.



Made fresh in our open plan kitchens by our team of chefs, not only is our wide range of sushi and sashimi a great way to sample the amazing flavours of Japanese cuisine, but it is also an easy way to eat healthy.


From our sozai, the Japanese name for delicatessen food, you’ll be able to munch on a wide variety of hot or cold tasty treats including tempura, gyoza and yakitori. Also available will be freshly prepared, traditional Japanese bento boxes ranging from crispy karaage chicken to teriyaki salmon.


Noodles in a soup broth are a flavoursome and filling meal perfect for anytime of the day. At Japan Centre Panton Street you’ll be able to choose from our delicious handmade ramen, soba or udon noodles in a variety of broths including tonkotsu and miso.


Donburi is a traditional Japanese dish served in a bowl and made up of rice with different types of ingredients placed on top. Enjoy beautifully balanced bowls including prawn tempura, vegetable tempura, chicken teriyaki, vegetable kakiage and of course the ever popular beef sukiyaki.


With a large range of refreshing beverages available, pair your delicious selections with a choice of Japanese soft drinks, freshly brewed matcha tea and cold drinks. Take a seat in our spacious dining area, the perfect spot for quick bites, longer lunches and dinner or if you’re in a rush, simply take your meal to go.



Japanese cooking can be characterised by its frequent use of selected staple ingredients including fresh fruit and vegetables, soy sauce and mirin rice wine for seasoning, panko breadcrumbs and tempura flour for coating and vinegars and oils for dressing. If you need to stock up on your Japanese cooking essentials or even noodles, snacks and of course confectionary, head to the bright and open aisles in our food hall.


Some of the most well-known dishes in Japanese cuisine, such as sukiyaki, shabu shabu and yakiniku, require the use of thinly sliced meats and fresh seafood. Thinly sliced meat and high grade seafood is readily available in most supermarkets in Japan and now you can enjoy it too. Visit our meat and fish counter where our friendly team will be able to help ensure you have everything you need for your culinary creations.


As any expert in Japanese cuisine will tell you, fresh is always best. This is why Japan Centre Panton Street will feature a large bakery where you can find all our freshly handmade baked goods including melon pans, shoku pan bread loaves and an assortment of mochi.


Gift giving is very important in Japanese culture, which is why we’ve made shopping for gifts easy with our range of products suitable for every occasion. Whether you treat your loved ones, friends or colleagues to a sushi making kit, some beautiful ceramics and bento boxes or even a giftcard, we’ll help you make your present extra special with beautiful wrapping at our gift wrapping station.


Make your house a Japanese home and your meals even more authentic with contemporary and traditional Japanese tableware and serveware. Japan Centre has beautiful plates, bowls, and other ceramics available to purchase to make your Japanese dining experience complete.


Through our vast range of books and magazines you can transport yourself across to Japan or even plan your next trip. Make sure to visit our book and magazine section for titles covering a range of topics from interior design, recipe books, Japanese travel, fashion and news. You’ll also be able to find intricate and beautifully designed stationery perfect for any occasion, even if it’s just for decoration.



Our specialist rooms will provide the perfect opportunity for you to explore in depth some of the most popular products, the first of which is our aromatic Tea Room. Guided by knowledgeable staff, you’ll be able to browse and sample different teas and then order your favourites by the gram.


Next will be our Sake Room where you’re welcome to browse, sample and purchase from our wide range of sake available. Our friendly sake experts will be on hand to impart their vast knowledge and assist with any queries.


Lastly, the Miso Room, where you can not only sample and learn about the different uses of miso in cooking but you’ll also be able to weigh your own fresh miso and purchase hard to find, artisanal miso products.


Pick up helpful tips and tricks from our demo kitchen and specialist rooms where you can watch live workshops using ingredients from Japan Centre and sample delicacies before you take them home with you. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter so you can be the first to know about upcoming events and offers at our flagship store.


Sushi platters are traditionally used for celebratory or ceremonial purposes, but don't let that stop you from enjoying your own anytime you like.

Pop in-store to Japan Centre Panton Street and order your own delightfully fresh sushi platters for a special occasion or simply for an end-of-week treat.

Simply print off our order form, bring it to us 1 day in advance and we'll have your platter ready for you!


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