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  • Serves 1
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For a Japanese take on an Italian favourite dessert, this matcha affogato recipe is perfect. Affogato is an Italian dessert normally made by pouring hot espresso onto a scoop of ice cream, then challenging yourself to eat it before it all melts. Our version uses matcha green tea, deliciously combining the sweet creaminess of ice cream with matcha's refreshing leafy qualities. A winning dessert that is easy to prepare.


• 50ml matcha green tea
• vanilla ice cream


  1. Prepare your matcha green tea, you may want to taste test it the first time your prepare it. We recommend adding a little more matcha than you usually do, to get a nicely intense flavour when it’s poured on the ice cream. To make the thick matcha tea for matcha affogato, whisk 3 teaspoons of matcha in 50 ml hot water.

  2. Scoop some vanilla ice cream into a glass or bowl. Pour on your matcha tea and enjoy straight away.