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Shoryu 商品券(£20), 1 g

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20ポンドのShoryu商品券。Shoryu全店舗(Shoryu Go除く)にてご使用いただけます。本格的なラーメンや餃子が恋しくなった日本人のお友達、日本の味に興味のありそうな英国内のお友達にも最適なギフトです。

ITEM ID: #6945


Terms and Conditions
• This voucher can be used as full or part payment for final Shoryu Ramen bill only.
• Cannot be exchanged for cash.
• Valid for one year from date of issue.
• Valid at all Shoryu Ramen branches (excl. Shoryu Go)
• Not valid without shop stamp, date of issue and issuer’s signature on each voucher.
• No change will be given if the value of the bill is less than the voucher value.