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クールジャパンガイド:マンガ、ラッキーキャッツ、ラーメンの楽しさ, 406 g

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With so much unique culture, both traditional and modern, in Japan to explore, it helps to be fully prepared for whatever you plan to experience during your time there. As an increasingly popular holiday destination, popular bloggers and culture-seeking experts want to make sure you know exactly what to look for when it comes to exploring the colourful urban streets of Tokyo, the historic cultural hub of Kyoto and the rich and unique character even outside of Japan's best-loved tourist spots, with dedicated books and articles on Japan's hottest trends. Here at japancentre.com check our Japanese Travel Books section and plan ahead for a memorable trip catered to you.   



1 review
Great guide, we are travelling to Japan for the first time this October and have already begun to plan our trip around this book