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ハローキティ お菓子作りの本, 365 g

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ハローキティのベーキングの本。 クッキー、ケーキ、カップケーキ、パイ、その他の菓子のレセピが満載。 ハローキティのファンや、装飾的なベーキングテクニックを向上したいと思っている人にとって最適な本です。

Michele Chen Chock著 95ページ


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Japan is known for not only its love of traditional and authentic savoury meals, but also its incredible sweet-tooth. With a heartwarming pride when it comes to homebaking and cake decoration, a lot of effort and detail is emphasised when it comes to making some of most irresistible sweets, cakes and cookies for everything from day to day cafe breaks to celebrations. Ranging from luxuriously creamy and elegant tarts to cute, character shaped biscuits and themed desserts, the popular demand for such treats has brought about limited events and products and of course recipe books for everyone to try their own hand. If you're searching for your own baking inspiration or adorable tools and tastes to try out, check out our Japanese Cookbook & Kitchen ranges at japancentre.com.