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ユタカ インスタントみそ汁 ベジタリアン用, 7 g


5 / 5

55 review

魚のだし不使用のベジタリアン用みそ汁です。みそと具のおいしさをそのまま閉じこめたフリーズドライタイプで、具はネギ、豆腐、ワカメ。お椀やマグカップにお湯を注ぐと具がぱっと広がり、まるで手作りのようなおいしいみそ汁ができあがります。グルテンフリーなので、アレルギーの方やダイエット中の方にもおすすめ! 中国産。

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Made to welcome and complement almost any Japanese meal, not a day goes by in Japan without at least one healthy serving of Miso Soup. Forming a rich and hearty stock from the use of rice malt and fermented soy beans alongside regular ingredients such as wakame seaweed, green onions and tofu, Miso soup is high in both proteins and vitamins for a incredibly nourishing side dish that many Japanese consider their elixir for good life and health. Supporting hardworking Japan's well-being, miso soup has been a hub of experimentation, with new flavours, new ingredients and new serving ideas aiming to increase it's benefits as a super-food of worldwide recognition. Check out out great recommended selection of Miso Soup at japancentre.com and find your ideal daily dose to enriching your diet. 



Per 100g:
• Energy: 21kcal
• Protein: 1.3g
• Fat: 0.5g
• Carbohydrate: 2.5g
• Salt: 0.9g


5 review
Very, very tasty!
would recommend
I didn't taste this, it had seaweed in it. Was not written in the description.
I love it and I use one packet per day. It is nourishing and very low in calories and ideal for a quick snack.
Great to be able to buy vegan miso soup. Very enjoyable