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徳永製菓 竹炭豆, 110 g 残り僅か (あと2個)

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日本で初めてお菓子に竹炭を使用した元祖・竹炭豆! 落花生に孟宗竹の超微粉末をコーティングした真っ黒な豆菓子です。一度食べると止まらなくなる、ピリっと甘辛い醤油味。日本の伝統的な模様が散りばめられた上品な紙袋入りで手土産としても喜ばれそうです。

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Snack peas are a favourite snack in a number of Asian countries, and are made by coating peanuts in a prepared savoury batter and frying them until crisp. This exciting snack pea series by Tokunagaseika features snack peas flavoured with bamboo charcoal, cherry blossoms, and nori seaweed plus wasabi. Grab your bag before stock runs out!



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