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クリアスプリング 有機そば, 200 g 残り僅か (あと2個)


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有機栽培の小麦粉(57%)とそば粉(40%)、海塩を使用し、熟練の職人が丹精こめて作ったクリアスプリングの有機そば。沸騰したお湯に加えて5分茹でるだけの簡単調理で手間いらず! まずはシンプルにざるそばで、風味豊かな香りと喉ごしのよさをお楽しみください。

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Clearspring are all about creating great food from the best ingredients, which sometimes means going completely organic. For produce to be organic it must be grown without using any chemical fertilisers, synthetic pesticides, or agricultural processes deemed harmful to the environment. Organic foods are growing in popularity due to their being perceived as better for the environment, better for the body, and better tasting.


Cook dried noodles in a similar way to spaghetti.
• Bring 2L water to the boil and add noodles (100g per serving).
• Simmer for 5 minutes then rinse briefly under cold water. Enjoy!


Per 100g:
• Energy: 343kcal
• Protein: 13.5g
• Fat: 2.5g
• Carbohydrate: 64.5g
• Salt: 2g


1 review
Very pure, very beautiful.