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大こけし二段弁当 武将, 345 g 残り僅か (あと1個)


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44 review

ヒゲをはやした武将の顔が愛嬌たっぷりのこけし型二段弁当箱。「将」の文字が入った蓋を逆さまにするとお椀になるので、和風のランチを食べたい時にぴったりです! 上段はおかず入れ、下段はご飯を入れるのにちょうどいいつくり。蓋の容量は約350ml、上段は500ml、下段は約350ml。中蓋を取り除けば電子レンジ・食器洗い機OK! 高さ約15.5cm、直径約11.5cm、弁当ベルト付き。

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Western-style lunchboxes are all very well, but if you want a lunchbox that is as convenient as it is awesome, a bento box is the only way to go! Bento boxes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes for every person’s preferences, whether that be lots of little boxes for all your different foods or one big box with heaps of compartments for everything.



4 review
Happy with the goods,they are Christmas presents so let you know more in the new year.
Bought this for my partner and he loves it. Great for his snacks when he's at work..
Great quality, very fun!
I absolutely love this bento. Great size, adorable design