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  • 6437 glico pretz mild roast

グリコ プリッツ マイルドロースト, 23 g

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ITEM ID: #6437


Pretz are one of the biggest product lines of Japanese confectionery giant Glico. Along with Pocky, arguably the most well-known product line Glico has, Pretz come in a variety of flavours and textures, with new products being made regularly. If you are a fan of Pocky or Pretz, be sure to check in at Japan Centre regularly to see what new items we have available.



Per Box (23g):
• Energy: 114kcal
• Protein: 2.0g
• Fat: 5.1g
• Carbohydrate: 15.0g
• Sodium: 81mg (As Salt: 0.2g)
Calcium: 70mg