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エバラ プチッと鍋 鶏白湯鍋, 132 ml, 6個入



ITEM ID: #6416


Nabe is a classic Japanese winter warmer, all made in a single communal pot at the centre of the Japanese dining table. In times before electric heaters, the nabe hot pot was a primary heat source during those cold winter months, and the communal spirit of nabe has continued to this day. Try making a little nabe for yourself and you will see why the Japanese love it!


To make a heartily warming nabe for two:
• Add two pods of nabe to 300ml water on the stove and mix until combined.
• Add assorted protein, noodles and vegetables (for this flavour, we recommend adding 100g chicken thighs, 1/8 cabbage, 1 spring onion, 100g enoki mushrooms, 1/4 block tofu and 1/2 slice fried tofu).
• Serve once ingredients have heated through.



Per Serving (22g):
• Energy: 35kcal
• Protein: 1.3g
• Fat: 2.7g
• Carbohydrate: 1.3g
• Sodium: 1219mg
• (As Salt: 3.1g)