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  • 6367 sakura wheat gluten

麩富 手焼き小花麩, 25 g

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ITEM ID: #6367


Yakifu is a wheat-gluten based traditional Japanese garnish. It comes in a huge range of sizes and shapes, many unique to different areas of Japan. Yakifu is usually added to soups, stews and hotpots, where it soaks up all of the delicious flavours and adds a level of texture to the dish.



Per 100g:
• Energy: 1612kJ/385kcal
• Fat: 2.7g
  (of which Saturates: 0.6g)
• Carbohydrate: 56.9g
  (of which Sugars: 0g)
• Protein: 28.5g
• Salt: 0g