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サンヨー サッポロ一番 しょうゆラーメン(カップ), 74 g


インスタントラーメンの定番、サッポロ一番にしょうゆ味が加わりました! もちろん、3分の簡単カップラーメン。お好きなトッピングを加えてオリジナルをお楽しみください。

ITEM ID: #617


Since instant noodles came into existence in 1955, they have continued to move from strength to strength. Nowadays instant noodles come in a wide variety of flavours, noodle types, and sizes, and we at Japan Centre get new combinations in all the time. If you are a fan of instant noodles, be sure to check Japan Centre's Instant Noodles section regularly to see what we have in store.


• Remove the soup sachet and add boiling water directly to the pot.
• Add the contents of the soup sachet and wait 3-5 minutes.
• For extra flavour, try adding vegetables meat and egg.



Per 100g:
• Energy:1767kJ/431kcal
• Fat: 16g
• Carbohydrate: 65g
• Protein: 8g
• Salt: 7.6g