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エバラ 焼肉のたれ 辛口, 300 g


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コクのある本醸造醤油ベースのたれに、コチュジャンをピリッと効かせた風味豊かな焼肉のたれ。火の通った肉や野菜にかけて炒めたり絡めたりするのもよし、つけだれとしてもよしのすぐれもの! ぜひお試しください。ガラス瓶入り。

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Yakiniku barbecue sauces tend to be dark, thin liquids made with soy sauce, spices and fruits. They vary in terms of ingredients used, as well as the amount of heat within, ranging from mild to insanely hot.


Use this sauce as:
• A dipping sauce for yakiniku grilled meat, seafood and vegetables.
• Add to a frying pan with meat to create a tasty marinade sauce.
• Add to other dishes such as stir fries for extra flavour.



Per Serving (18g):
• Energy: 23kcal
• Protein: 0.9g
• Fat: 0.2g
• Carbohydrates: 4.4g
• Sodium: 540mg
• (As Salt: 1.4g)


1 review
Good as a sauce or marinate.