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カクセー 電子レンジ専用炊飯器 備長炭入り ちびくろちゃん, 250 g



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Enjoy cooking fresh rice quickly and easily!
• Measure out desired amount of rice. As a basic guide, one scoopful (150g) of dry white rice will make approximately two servings of cooked rice.
• Put rice into microwave pot and rinse well. Use inner lid to pour out dirty water without losing any rice.
• When rice is properly rinsed (the water should start to look clear when poured out), leave the rice in the pot and fill with water until rice is just covered (approx. 420ml for 2 scoopfuls, 220ml for 1 scoopful, 120ml for 1/2 scoopful), then leave to soak for approximately 20 minutes.
• After the rice has soaked, make sure that the rice is levelled, then place the inner lid on (making sure the handle tab is facing upwards) and clip on the outer lid.
• Microwave for the following times (in a 500W microwave):
2 scoopfuls = approx. 13 minutes
1/2 scoopful = 7-8 minutes
1 scoopful = 9-10 minutes
Be sure to adjust cooking time by 10-20% for every 100W higher or lower than 500W depending on which microwave you have.
• After heating, allow rice to sit for 10-15 minutes, then mix well to loosen before serving.


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1 review
Very good, cooks rice to a rice cooker level Note: instructions are in Japanese