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盛田 焼いておいしい みそだれ, 180 g

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Not just for soup! Miso is used to flavour a wide range of dishes in Japanese cuisine, from grilled fish to hot pots. Japan Centre has a wide range of different Japanese sauces and marinades available to buy online for all kinds of occasions, from quick dinners to family celebrations.


Add delicious miso flavour with no fuss!
• 300-400g pork or chicken thighs per half bottle. Prick chicken skin before cooking.
• Warm a small amount of oil in a frying pan over a high heat, add the meat and cook.
• Flip over and cook over a medium heat until heated through. Then add half bottle of sauce and spread over the cooked meat.



Per Serving (2.5 tbsp)
• Energy: 151kcal
• Salt Equivalent: 5.8g