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ニッカウイスキーフロム・ザ・バレル, 500 ml


This Japanese whisky from the award-winning Nikka Distillery has a floral aroma with a touch of orange peel and apricots combined with the delicious taste of boiled sweets and spices. Matured malt whisky and grain whisky have been blended together to create a harmonious, deep cocktail of flavours that go from spicy oak and ripe fruit finishing with a kick of fire and spices at the end. Ideal as a gift for seasoned whisky drinkers looking to experience the Japanese take on an old favourite. 51.4% alcohol.

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Though similar to Scotch whisky (hence the spelling), Japanese whisky makers have been able to usurp the Scots’ position as the best makers of whisky in recent years despite being relatively new to whisky manufacturing. Japanese whisky is often noted for its balance, smoothness and delicate nature as well as adherence to traditional methods such as the use of coal in fires during the distilling process.


Can either be drunk straight or added to hot or cold water as it often is in Japan.



• Alcohol: 51.4%