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げんき I with MP3 CD第2版 教科書, 860 g

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1111 review



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With an increasing demand to learn Japanese language at high school and university, a wide selection of textbooks, workbooks, dictionaries and journals discussing the finer details of Japanese language and grammar are developed on a regular basis. With difficulty levels from beginner to advanced, and specific courses and exercise books covering everything from quick crash courses on everyday conversation to complex analysis of business and academic language, whatever aspect of Japanese you're after learning and expanding your knowledge of, there is an effective educational book to help. Check out our selection of Textbooks and Workbooks at japancentre.com for assistance with your classroom homework or simply some fun self-study.



11 review
I would recommend to fiends and family.
Great and informative.
Good product, too expensive
Best book
Good quality for both the book and the CD, I like how it has detailed instructions on how to use the book. I'm only on the 1st lesson but so far so good.
Revision of elementary ***.\nStrongly recommended\n Quality is excellent
Great book, I would definitely recommend it to people who are studying *** language. The quality is brilliant, audio CD included for help with pronunciation. Description on the website is accurate and book in perfect condition, fast delivery! It was the best price I found for brand new book.
I can see why Genki 1 is so widely used for learners of ***. Going into it I already knew my kana, so I'm mostly using it for vocab and grammar. Many tasks are designed to be used in a class, but you can adapt them to write about your friends. The one thing it's missing is speaking practice if you're working alone, so I'd recommend learners find other ways to achieve this. The text and illustrations are clear and easy to follow, and the content gradually builds up in combination with what's already learned. Again, the topics covered are geared more towards students, learning to talk about your school/university and course, but this is what it was designed for. Much easier than trying to piece together grammar from random sources online!
It's the workbook for the Genki I text book. As expected, with the gaps to fill in by you!
Great book! Been wanting to buy it for ages. Great quality and one of the best book for learning **.