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ノングシム ネオグリラーメン シーフード&スパイシー , 120 g


4 / 5

11 review

韓国ブランド、Nong Shimのシーフードラーメンです。大きめサイズの120gの 麺にエビと卵のトッピング付き。鍋ひとつ、4-5分であっという間に出来上がり ます。日本のラーメンを食べ尽くした方、韓国ラーメンはいかがですか?

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Nong Shim are the biggest selling instant noodles in Korea and it’s easy to see why, they really are delicious. If you like a bit of extra kick with your noodles, then Nong Shim instant ramen noodles are definitely the way to go.


Instant noodles are easy to make!
• Add the ramen to a bowl with boiling water.
• Add the soup sachet and wait 3-5 minutes.
• For extra flavour, try adding vegetables meat and egg.



Per Serving: (120g)
• Calories: 510kcal
• Total Fat: 17.3g
• Sodium: 1900mg
• Total Carb: 78.6g
• Protein: 10.4g


1 review
Excellent product. As with anything a person needs to learn to moderate the amount of spice paste. WAY TO HOT at full force. At least for me.