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アサヒ 十六茶 麦茶, 600 ml


A caffeine-free multi-blend of nourishing tea refreshment.

Take your daily tea drinking to heathier, mineral-rich heights, with the 16 blends of leaves, seeds and grains brewed into this rejuvenating barley tea. Best enjoyed cold so it's ideal to drink on the go, this resealable bottle of barley tea contains a nutritious mixture of corn, sickle pods, roasted brown rice, dandelion, millet, red beans, burdock and a twist of yuzu peel that enrich its subtly fragrant, nutty flavour into an upliftingly rich and sharp beverage Light and easy to drink despite its deep, potent flavour this barley tea is a wonderful summer pick me up that helps you refresh after a tiring day.  

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Mugicha is made by simmering roasted barley grains. It is a very popular refreshment during summer in Japan, with Japanese parents often making it cold with perhaps some added sugar for their children. Mugicha is believed to improve the fluidity of the blood, is caffeine-less and full of nutrients, making it a very popular health drink.