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グリコ ポップキャン クラッシックソーダ類, 10 g


Combining cute characters with the sweetest treats comes naturally to Glico, so it's no surprise they can deliver the magic of Disney with one of these deliciously fruity lollipops. With 1 of 5 random classic Japanese soft drink flavours wrapped in different Disney mascot designs, look forward to unveiling which juicy, vibrant lollipop you'll receive, with tastes ranging from mixed fruit, cola, grape, muscat and peach to even fizzy ramune soda! All shaped with classic Mickey Mouse ears.

*Design and flavour may vary.

ITEM ID: #16656


Japan loves to make vibrant designs, flavours and adorable mascots all part of it's confectionery culture, so of course it's lots of fun when it comes to enjoying them! Whether it's squishy gummies filled with real fruit juices, astringent and soothing boiled sweets or even quirky health treats and gums, packed with unique ingredients to give you that important daily boost, they all make for great additions to a colourful Japanese lifestyle. Check out our curious choices of Candy & Boiled Sweets at japancentre.com and see if anything fruity takes your fancy.



Per 100g: 
• Energy: 1674kJ/ 400kcal
• Fat: 1.05g
• Carbohydrates : 97.1g
• Protein: 0.0g
• Salt: 0.0g