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大関 花泡香 スパークリングゆず清酒, 250 ml


5 / 5

11 review

Citrus-crisp sake enjoyment.

For a zesty spritz of yuzu citrus that refreshingly tickles your palate, Ozeki's Hanaawaka sparkling yuzu sake comes with a sweet, crisp bubble that carries you into an evening of excitement. Delicately invigorating with lively notes of honey and melon, the simple yet refined fruitiness of the base rice and koji sake is sharpened by the bittersweet addition of fresh yuzu juice. Subtly dispersed through the sake's well-rounded, fizzy body, the citrus tang of yuzu excites the soothing smoothness of the sake, giving it the light, quenching finish needed to unwind with your favourite food comforts. A vibrantly welcome aperitif that's best served chilled.

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Softer and sweeter than sparkling wines, sparkling sake is a fantastic alternative. In Japan the winners at F1 races even spray each other with sparkling sake instead of champagne on the winner’s podium! Like still sake, sparkling sake comes in all kinds of grades and varieties, so whatever your mood, occasion or meal there’s a sparkling sake for you at japancentre.com!



Alcohol: 5% ABV.


1 review
Absolutely loved this sake! We had this as an aperitif with ** rice cracks and prawn crisps. Delicious!