Royal Family ミニアソート餅, 250 g


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小豆、抹茶、ミルク 3種類のミニサイズのお餅 香り高い抹茶餡、やさしい甘さの小豆餡、なめらかなミルク風味の3種類が入った、もちもちした食感のひと口サイズのお餅の詰め合わせです。便利な個包装なので外出先や皆とシェアしたりと、いつでもどこでも気軽に食べられるお餅をぜひお試しください。台湾製。

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Mochi is a much-loved staple ingredient and rice dessert made both skillfully and sweetly to bring out some of Japan's most decadent flavours. By soaking glutinous rice overnight and masterfully hammering it into a thick paste, using a special long wooden hammer and pestle, each square or cube is ceremoniously prepared usually around new year and festivals to draw crowds and create a delicious spectacle. Known for its chewy and squishy texture mochi makes the perfect bitesize treat to enjoy your favourite dessert fillings and is surprisingly versatile in Japanese cooking, adding a stringy cheese-like texture to dishes like okonomiyaki and ozoni. Whatever your preference, check out our Mochi section at to find your favourite way of enjoying this sticky specialty.


Per 100g (Red Bean/Milk/Matcha):
• Energy: 1446kJ/341kcal / 1548/370kcal / 1473/352kcal
• Fat: 3.1g / 7.4g / 3.9g
  (of which Saturates: 1.4g / 3.3g / 1.8g) 
• Carbohydrate: 76.4g / 74.2g / 77.4g
  (of which Sugars: 37.8g / 40.2g / 38.2g)
• Protein: 1.9g / 1.7g / 1.9g
• Salt: 0.05g / 0.05g / 0.04g

Ingredients and allergens

Red Bean Mochi [Maltose, Sugar, Glutinous Rice, Azuki Red Beans, Thickener (E1442), Palm Oil, Flavourings, Preservatives (E200)]. Milk Mochi [Maltose, Sugar, Glutinous Rice, Thickener (E1442), Palm Oil, Milk, Trehalose, Gelatin (Beef), Flavourings, Sweetener (E420), Colourings (Carotene), Preservatives (E200)]. Matcha Mochi [Maltose, Sugar, Glutinous Rice, Thickener (E1442), Red Bean Paste (Red Beans, Sugar, Maltose, Palm Oil), Green Tea Powder (Matcha), Palm Oil, Flavourings, Preservatives (E200)]. May also contain traces of Gluten, Sesame Seeds, Peanuts, Soy Beans.


10 review
Love these mochi. Individually wrapped, they keep well and are delicious. Very good value here too, a lot cheaper than Amazon et al
Very good, but only two matcha flavoured ones in the pack!
I’ve tried a different brand of mochi before which I did not enjoy but these are genuinely nice, every flavour is great and the milk one reminds me of raffaello.
Great taste. Unfortunately contains palm oil.
I love the milk flavour !! Lots come in the bag very big
Milk ones are amazing
So good, my British *** loves it too.
Lovely squishy deliciousness
Great selection of flavours
Nice selection with a good texture. Hard to pick a favourite, but green tea probably wins.