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アルタ 耐熟ガラスマグカップ 猫と桜 和柄, 135 g


Curl up and relax with a cup of elegant cat cuteness.

Wrap your favourite beverages in a floral splash of colour and stylishly sleek cat charm with the heatproof durability and beautiful design of this finely-crafted, glass cat mug. Decorated with a traditional pink cherry blossom pattern and the charming silhouette of a sitting cat, the tail of the cat curls up to form the handle of this mug, made completely from treated glass so it can withstand high temperatures (120°C) and microwaving. Purr-fect for drinks both hot and cold thanks to its unique, retro style, this adorably chic mug offers a moment of feline luxury whether relaxing in the office or at home.

Measures approx. 11.5cm in width (with handle), 8.5cm in diameter, 9.4cm in height. Microwaveable. Not dishwasher safe. 

ITEM ID: #16510


With Japan being such a large tea-drinking nation, it stands to reason that cups and mugs would be an important component in Japanese tableware. Traditional Japanese teacups are always handleless and either bowl- or cylinder-shaped, but more Western-style cups and larger mugs with handles are also common. Take a look at Japan Centre's Teaware section for a great range of stylish and practical Japan-made and Japan-inspired teaware.