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キッコマン たまり醤油 グルテンフリー (オランダ), 1 L


5 / 5

22 review

Rich in umami flavour, no gluten.

Kikkoman's gluten-free tamari soy sauce is perfect for those who enjoy thick and well-rounded lashings of authentic flavour. Specially brewed and fermented without wheat, this soy sauce is formed from whole soybeans for a mellow, more nourishing taste that reduces the salty sharpness of regular soy sauce in favour of a more complex savouriness. Naturally flavoured without alcohol and still wonderfully versatile in its uses, have this all-purpose soy sauce handy as a condiment that suits all palates.

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Soy sauce is one of Japan’s most utilised flavourings, frequently being added to stews, noodle dishes, sauces and marinades, as well as being used as a condiment in its own right. Soy sauce is rich in the L-Glutamates that generate savoury umami flavour, making it an ideal addition to any Asian or non-Asian dish that requires a salty, savoury hit. For a great range of light, dark, organic, reduced-salt, and other varieties of soy sauce, take a look at japancentre’s Soy Sauce section.



Per 100ml:
• Energy: 240kJ/57kcal
• Fat: 0.0g
  (of which Saturates: 0.0g)
• Carbohydrate: 2.0g
  (of which Sugars: 0.0g)
• Protein: 10.0g
• Salt: 16.4g


2 review
Love the taste of this GF alternative to soy sauce. I would recommend it. The description was accurate.
Definitely recommend. *** but not too salty.