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陶製 れんげスプーン - オリベ白, 45 g


Take a stylish dip into authentic Japanese dining.

Helping to add a splash of colour and charm to your servings of noodle soups and more, this white ceramic renge spoon comes dipped in a deliciously vibrant teal glaze. Lacquered all round to give each spoonful a glossy, mouthwatering glimmer, this renge spoon features a flattened base to sit it ideally for serving and is curved deeply inside from handle to scoop to ensure every delightful mouthful travels safely to your taste buds. Perfect for scooping out your favourite toppings in ramen and just the right size for gyoza dumplings, let this colourful spoon stand out so it's the first thing you reach for.

Spoon measures approx. 15cm in length, 4cm in width. Made in Japan.

ITEM ID: #15948