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  • 15762  kamaichi ceramic chopstick rest   sleeping cat  pink

箸置 ねむりネコ 赤, 25 g

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The purrfect place to adorably rest your chopsticks.

Help create the most cosy space to relax and lap up your homemade meals with the cuddled up cuteness of this sweet ceramic cat chopstick rest. Featuring a content white cat, curled up to give your chopsticks a place to relax or lay ready, this handy serveware is hand-painted with charming blue pink patches and details, making its charming presentation all the more satisfying to savour. A wonderful trinket that's bound to make Japanese dining all the more content for cat lovers!

Handwash only. Measure approx. 4.5cm long, 2cm wide, 1.5cm high. Made in Japan. 

ITEM ID: #15762


In traditional Japanese cuisine, it is common for different dishes to be served in their own plate or bowl. So the diner might receive a larger plate for their fish, a small bowl for their rice, another small bowl for their miso, and shallow side dishes for their sauce. For a great range of Japanese serveware, take a look in Japan Centre's Dining section.