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すし用 巻きす, 44 g


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巻き寿司を作るのには欠かせない道具です。竹製で24 × 21 cm.サイズです。海苔21x19cmをすっぽり敷ける様になっていて、ご飯を乗せて、具を乗せて、くるっと巻けばいいのです。便利です。

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Maki sushi is a popular type of sushi where fish and vegetables are rolled up with rice in a nori seaweed wrap. A makisu rolling mat is an essential item for your kitchen to get the best sushi rolls.


This sushi rolling mat is designed to help you make maki sushi rolls.
• Place the rolling mat on your work surface with a sheet of nori seaweed on top.
• Add rice to 3/4 of the nori, then place your fillings on the rice.
• Using the rolling mat, roll the sushi over until you create a long roll.
• Slice into 6-8 pieces and enjoy.
Read our maki sushi recipe for more ideas.



4 review
Easy to use but I didn't realise I also got one in the other set I bought so will give to a friend
A brilliant rolling mat, has came in very handy, was very worth it :)