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森永製菓 マクロビ派ビスケット フルーツグラノーラ, 37 g


Satisfy any munch time with decadently wholesome macrobiotic bites.

Made from a selection of 12 carefully nurtured ingredients to ensure the most natural indulgence, these small snacks come packed with all the heavenly goodness to soothe any break time cravings. With macrobiotic munching in mind, these fruit granola biscuits are produced without any need for white sugar or margarine, keeping their moreish nut, seed & oat crunch tightly packed into perfectly flavoured pieces, with the aid of Hokkaido wheat, beet sugar and rapeseed oil. Containing cranberries soaked in apple juice to soothe their sharpness with an exquisite sweetness, these animal-friendly biscuits come rich in fibre and full sensational flavour quality.

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Japanese sweets and confectionery come in all kinds of unique styles and flavours and are growing in popularity among sweet-toothed enthusiasts. On top of providing staple delicious ingredients in Japan like tofu, Morinaga also excels as a confectionery company being providers of memorable Japanese treats such as Hi-chews, Choco-Balls and DARS chocolates. These products have enriched sweets culture and lifestyle in Japan with many different flavours and fun options and we have an excellent selection of Morinaga delights to choose from here at japancentre.com.



Per 100g:
• Energy: 2102kJ/502kcal
• Fat: 27.03g
• Carbohydrate: 59.5g
• Protein: 8.11g
• Salt: 0.14g