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ニッケン刀物 日本刀はさみ 伊達政宗モデル, 70 g


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Situated in the city of Seki, at the heart of Gifu Prefecture's famed samurai sword making region, Nikken has taken on the years of experience and traditional techniques that have helped to define samurai sword design and passed those skills into making the finest specialist, office and home cutting tools. With an understanding of how to smith, shape and treat their stainless steel into "unbreakable, unbending, sharp cutting" everyday products, Nikken's quality is highly-regarded for its easy-to-handle scissors and even dental tools made to incredible precision. With a recent souvenir range that combine's their meticulous craft with the rich history and modern culture of Japan, find some of their stylish samurai-themed stationery here at japancentre.com.



1 review
Purchased as a gift for keyworker son (over 18) who is a Japanophile - has limited display space but thought he would like this as not only a practical item but with a story - he LOVES it!