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東ハト ドラえもんぷくポテチーズ味, 20 g


5 / 5

11 review

Cheesy, crunchy and oh so yummy.

Indulge in hearty cheese flavour in snack form with Tohato's savoury snack, now with added calcium. These cheese seasoned snacks are shaped like Doraemon's iconic bell and are sensationally crunchy! With flavours and textures this good, these snacks are sure to keep you more than satisfied until your next meal.

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Tohato, the makers of Caramel Corn, are always coming up with new and interesting flavours to sell during special times of year. The creative minds of Japanese confectionery companies are experts at bringing unusual yet delicious flavour combinations to the mainstream. If you’re longing for something a little different to munch on between meals, take a look at Japan Centre Online’s range of snacks and confectionery.



Per 100g:
• Energy: 1922kJ/460kcal
• Fat: 3.3g
• Carbohydrate: 73.5g
• Protein: 4g
• Salt: 2g


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